UNEDOLLAR – We Care About Every Dollar We Spend. We are a technology consulting firm based in Austin,TX focused on leveraging Cloud, Ruby  on Rails, iOS, Andriod to Government Infrastructure and Processes to Save Tax Dollars. We strongly believe in Open Data, Community Service, Injecting Innovation into the processes which are stagnant with traditional policies and methods.

We are currently optimizing IT procurement applying the latest web trends and  innovative methods of process optimization adding Cloud Spice.

We love automation & being agile. We identify and understand the need for it differently with each client and it has always been proved to be one of our best deliverable using Automated Testing Framework combined with Continuous Integration.

Unedollar expertises in quality deliverable leveraging best pool of consultants in Process, Quality, Project and Technology Management. We specialize in building Datawarehouse from scratch leveraging both commercial and open source tools and have shown a great success to our clients. We just do not deliver based design and build approach rather uses the most efficient way of building software using lean software development, Test Driven Development, Continuous Deployment mixed with extensive measures and feedback on each feature delivered. We ensure to measure the quality and process of each deliverable not just for reporting but to prove strength of quality delivered.

Another range of specialities of Unedollar has been delivering enterprise applications development using Microsoft .NET technologies, Oracle Peoplesoft Solution, a huge stack of middle wares using JAVA, Business Objects, Informatica, SSIS.

We specialize in building scalable apps on Ruby on Rails, iphone and android on cloud.

A notable list of Unedollar’s clients: State of Texas CPA Dept., Verizon, Microsoft, Hartford Insurance, UPS, AT&T(Wifi Services), Pipeline Success, Mertiful, Airwala, Perfect Pet Match, Peepsqueeze, LoadStoneSocial.

Our detailed research and case studies on current IT industry lead us in the mighty path of finding solution for the most frustrating problems of each stakeholder in this industry.